Shortfill Tobacco E-liquid

With us at you will find a large assortment of shortfill shake & vape that has flavors of tobacco! This category contains not only pure tobacco flavors, but also the products that have flavor combinations where tobacco is one of the flavors. For example, how about flavors like tobacco along with caramel? Or with vanilla? Or why not tobacco mixed with both vanilla and caramel? You will find these flavor combinations and more below! Shortfill shake & vape does not contain nicotine, but it is something you can add yourself with a nicotine shot and mix with your shortfill (there is room in your shortfill bottle to mix it down).

For those of you who want a tobacco taste but do not have any nicotine, you can choose to mix with base liquid instead of mixing your shortfill with nicotine shots. Base liquid is nicotine-free and is used in exactly the same way as a nicotine shot but without the nicotine. However, remember that you must always mix your shortfill with either base fluid or nicotine!

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Dinner Lady Halo I VG Liquideo Norrland Norse T-Juice
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If you're looking for a robust tobacco flavor with a strong, delicious feel, this is the...
Atomic Shake N Vape | Tobacco Bliss | Shortfill
This variant from the Atomic series offers an extremely satisfying tobacco taste that pr...
Café Tobacco - Dinner Lady
Café Tobacco is the essence of a cup of coffee and tobacco in one shortfill bottle.
Caramel Tobacco - Dinner Lady
Dinner Lady Caramel Tobacco is the combined taste of a nice piece of caramel and tobacco.
I VG | Tobacco | Gold | 70 VG
IVG Tobacco - Gold has wonderful shades of just the right cigar tobacco with a rough hin...
I VG | Tobacco | Red | 70 VG
IVG - Tobacco Red has a sweet taste of tobacco, mixed with nuances of fruit taste.
I VG |Tobacco | Silver | 70 VG
IVG Tobacco - Silver gives the perfect blend of caramelized tobacco, with a sweet aftert...
Mint Tobacco - Dinner Lady
Dinner Lady Mint Tobacco is a 50 ml shortfill with a rich taste of mint and tobacco.
Norrland | Tobacco Menthol | 50 VG
This flavor is available in a 10ml bottle with a 50VG / 50PG. You can choose between a n...
From €3.90
Royal Seven | Ultra Smooth | Shortfill
A mixture of caramel and tobacco that gives a amazing taste.
Smooth Tobacco - Dinner Lady
Smooth Tobacco is a part of the tobacco flavor line and has a taste of traditional light...
Vanilla Cubano | 50VG | Heart of Ybor
Vanilla Cubano blends, the well-known, complex flavors of sun- and shade-grown tobacco w...
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Shortfill with a taste of tobacco

The tobacco flavor is something that many people are looking for, not least tobacco together in mixtures with other flavors. At you will find a number of shortfills that have a taste of tobacco or have flavor mixtures with tobacco. As this is a nicotine-free liquid, you can choose to either experience the tobacco taste completely nicotine-free with the help of nicotine-free base liquid, or you can mix your shortfill with nicotine shots in the desired amount of nicotine.

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