Shortfill Citrus E-liquid

Many people appreciate a fresh flavor in their vape, and why not then pick it up from the source of the fruit variety that is considered most fresh? Here you will find all our shortfill Shake & Vape that have the taste of fresh citrus fruit! You will not only find flavors with "only" citrus fruits, here are flavor combinations that contain fusions with citrus!

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Dinner Lady Fcukin Flava Halo I VG Nasty Juice Norse Team120 Twelve Monkeys
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Atomic Shake N Vape | Lemon Freeze | Shortfill
Lemon Freeze from Halo gives a refreshing taste of citrus with a cool aftertaste of ment...
Black Orange Crush ICE - Dinner Lady
Dinner Lady - Black Orange Crush tastes of black currants and fresh oranges!
Fcukin Flava | Smashin' Lemonade | 50 VG
Fcukin Flava has managed to produce a wonderful and fresh e-juice in a delicious combina...
Lemon Sherbets - Dinner Lady
Dinner Lady - Lemon Sherbets - delivering the best lemon flavor that reminds you of your...
Lemon Tart - Dinner Lady
Dinner Lady Desserts Lemon Tart. This shortfill has a sharp taste of lemon and sweet mer...
Nasty Juice | Ballin' - Bloody Berry | 70 VG
Bloody Berry from Nasty Ballin is a sweet and sour e-liquid mix of lemon and raspberry.
Nasty Juice | Ballin' - Hippie Trail | 70 VG
Taste Hippie Trail from the Ballin series from Nasty Juice offers a delicious taste with...
Nasty Juice | Ballin' - Migos Moon | 70 VG
Migos Moon by Nasty Ballin offers a wonderful taste of a lemonade made of lemons and ora...
Pink Berry - Dinner Lady
Dinner Lady Pink Berry is a well-balanced taste of citrus fruits and sweet berries
Team 120 | Fantasy Lemon | 70 VG
Team 120's Fantasy Lemon has a delicious taste of lemon with a cool taste of mint.
Twelve Monkeys | O-RangZ | 75 VG
With 12 Monkeys shortfill O-Rangz, you get the taste of crispy breakfast products covere...
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Shortfill with citrus flavor

The citrus taste often symbolizes freshness and cooling according to many. At the same time, we think these words are a perfectly good reason why you should vape something with a taste of citrus fruits! Many of these shortfills also have hints of citrus fruits along with other flavors, which means that you can often experience two taste sensations in one! Mix your shortfill with nicotine-free base fluid or nicotine shots if you want nicotine in your vape. Also keep in mind that the VG / PG conditions are also important to note, as its various effects can affect your experience of your vape.

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