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Hi5 Tube Mini Disposable Vape
Six flavors from Hi5 disposable vapes: 20mg nicotine content and lasts up to 600 puffs!
BMOR Ringo Disposable Vape
Choose from eight flavors, 14mg/ml and lasts up to about 800 puffs!
Aquios Bar Engångsvape
Disposable vape from Innokin in 10 different flavors with 14.9mg nicotine
Endor on Ice (Nicsalt, 14mg) - Dr Koyuki
Nicotine salt with Kiwi, Wild Strawberry & Ice flavor
Ringo on Ice (Nicsalt, 14mg) - Dr Koyuki
Nicotine salt with Apple, Cactus, Lime & Ice flavor
E-cig, E Cigarette & from Elekcig
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E-cigarette, E-vapor, vapor, E-sig… The e-cigarette goes by many names (and there are guaranteed to be even more names used!). But we're all talking about the same thing: namely the device you use to vape a wide range of E-liquids.

Some people vape to get an authentic experience, while others do it to experiment with the many exciting E-liquids, which you can find here on the site.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced with vaping and E-cigarettes, you will find a large, wide range here at We have perhaps europes best selection. Check it out!

What is an E-cigarette?

E-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular, and you can find them here at More and more europeans have developed a taste for vaping E-cigarettes. But what size does an E-cigarette really have? And what is the difference between the E-cigarettes?

Is there a difference between E-cigarettes?

There are several different types of E-cigarettes, and here at we have several different models. The most common E-cigarette consists of two electronic components: Battery and liquid container. But even here there can be great variation from E-cigarette to E-cigarette. As an experienced vaper, it can be a good idea to "build" your own E-cigarette. Then you can get an E-cigarette with exactly the layout that suits you best.

This is how an E-cigarette works

We could write several pages about how an E-cigarette works - it's a lot of science. We hope this does not turn out to be boring for you. But we would like to review exactly how an E-cigarette works.
An E-cigarette consists of a number of different components. There may be differences in models and types, and not all have the same components.

An E-cigarette typically consists of

  • Liquid container
  • Coil
  • Battery

So how does it really work?

The liquid container is the part of the E-cigarette that heats and converts E-liquid to clouds. It happens because there is something inside the liquid container, called a coil.

The coil works a bit like a wick in a candle. The coil is the smallest part of the E-cigarette - but perhaps the most important.

The battery is what sends power to the coil, and acts as a kind of heating wire. In this way, the E-liquid is heated and clouds is generated. It is called a coil because it is shaped like a coil. You can usually not see the coil, because it is hidden behind a metal housing. The battery is in many ways the E-cigarette's powerhouse.

The battery is also what determines how big a cloud of steam you can make. There is a sea of different batteries. And when you talk about E-cigarettes, the experienced ones typically also talk about mods, which are a whole category in themselves.

How do you find the best E-cigarette?

There is no single answer as to which is the best E-cigarette. What works well for one of your friends may not work well for you. It's really just a matter of trying, to find the right one. And then of course there are some brands, which are more popular than others - but that does not necessarily mean that it is the best E-cigarette for you.

The best E-cigarette for beginners:

If you are completely green when it comes to E-cigarettes, we understand well if you are a little overwhelmed. Only on this page you will find a huge selection, and then it can be difficult to choose between the different models.
Choose something that is not too advanced. There are many starter packs, where you get everything you need - without it getting too complicated. With an E-cigarette starter pack, you get started quickly and you can always upgrade, if you need it.

The best E-cigarette for the vaper who loves big clouds:

Are you one of those vapers who thinks: The bigger the clouds, the better! Then it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with all the details regarding Ohm and resistance. This is where you can adjust your smoking and adapt your E-sig to your own needs.
For example, it may be worth exploring among our many vape mods, they usually have more power than in the traditional batteries.
You will also find E-cigarettes with more E-liquid and power, under the category of E-cigarettes for the experienced users. Here you can find E-cigarettes with a lot of cool features, which make it possible to adjust and adapt your vaping.

The best E-cigarette for you who are looking for an authentic experience:

Are you looking for the most authentic experience? Today, e-cigarettes come in many shapes and sizes. If you want to have an authentic feeling, when you have your E-cigarette in your fingers, you should look for a powerful mod or battery for the E-cigarette.

If you want to find an E-cigarette in connection with smoking cessation, it may be a good idea to choose as simple an E-cigarette as possible. Also, you can choose an E-cigarette that feels easy to hold. Then you almost do not notice that it is an E-cigarette that you vape! You will also find a large selection of E-juices with a taste of tobacco here at, where there are E-liquids with and without nicotine.

The best E-cigarette for the most experienced:

Are you an experienced vaper who has been using E-liquids and E-cigarettes for a long time? Then you are guaranteed to be a fan of the E-cigarettes that are packed with cool features and functions. We offer a sea of starter packs, so you can buy your E-cigarette online, and be ready to vape within a few days - but we also offer more advanced solutions, for you who have many requirements for your E-cigarette. Here you can build the E-cigarette you dream of.
Explore everything from coils and liquid containers to batteries, mods and self-mixer juices on this page, where you will always find a good offer on E-cigarettes. You can also see our more advanced models in the category of advanced E-cigarettes.

You will always find cheap E-cigarettes at

Here at, we have a strong focus on having E-cigarettes for everyone - and this applies both in terms of price, models and opportunities. Are you completely green when it comes to E-cigarettes, or have you perhaps never tried it before? Then it is not necessarily the best solution to spend a lot of money after the first and best. With us you can buy cheap E-cigarettes online, and if you get a taste for it, you can always start upgrading.
We have E-cigarettes at different prices, so you can easily find one that fits into your budget. Do you have a specific budget, or are you not ready to invest a lot of money in your first E-cigarette? Under each of our categories you can adjust the price yourself. That way, you can easily find an E-cigarette in just your price range.

What flavor should you choose for your E-cigarette?

There are an almost infinite number of different E-cigarette flavors, and it can often feel like a jungle to look around in. For which flavor should one choose? And what taste will you definitely like? With us, the prices are fortunately pushed to the bottom, so you can try many different E-liquids with different flavors, without it overturning the budget.

To you who are used to tobacco cigarettes

Are you used to the taste of tobacco? Then it is obvious that you throw your love over the many E-liquids with a taste of tobacco. Here you can choose between different types of tobacco, so you can have as authentic an experience as possible.
There are also E-liquids with a taste of menthol, and once you have cracked the code for E-liquids, it is even possible to mix your own flavors, which are called self-mixers. With us you will find both E-liquids with and without nicotine.

To you who will smoke often

Are you going to vape often? Then it may be a good idea to have something a little simpler flavors, which you use for everyday life. It can be, for example, vanilla, tobacco or other more neutral flavors, which you will not get tired of.
When it comes to being extra nice or extra festive, you can add some more interesting flavors to your collection.

To you who will only smoke occasionally

Are you the type who vapes now and then for fun? When you do not vape as often, you will not get tired of the more exotic or exciting E-liquids so quickly. Therefore, you can afford to try a number of different E-liquids with some unique varieties.
It's always a good idea to have a simple or two of the more neutral liquids, but there is a sea of exciting flavors, which can make Friday night a little more fun! If you get a taste for experimenting, you can consider whether you want to start mixing your own E-liquids.

What are the rules for you as a vaper?

Are you in doubt about the rules that apply to E-cigarettes? First of all, do not be afraid of whether e-cigarettes are illegal - because they are not.

But that does not mean that there are no certain rules in this area. Because even though there is no official ban on E-cigarettes, the same rules apply to E-cigarettes as regular cigarettes in most places.

You must therefore avoid smoking in places where smoking is prohibited. This applies, for example, to buses, trains, at train stations and so on. And then you probably will not be popular, if you take out the E-cigarette while you are out shopping. Even if it's just steam you exhale, it can be stressful - and therefore it is worth paying attention to where and when you smoke.

What does an e-liquid contain?

Have you ever thought about what's in an E-liquid? E-juice of course consists of water which is a crucial factor in converting liquid to steam, which comes out of the E-cigarette. But what else is there in E-juice?

E-liquid consists of:

  • Water - the heating element converts water into the clouds that comes out of the E-cigarette
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG) - VG helps to make the E-liquid viscous, and so it prolongs shelf life
  • Propylene glycol (PG) - PG is in many ways the base of the liquid. The liquid is odorless and colorless, but has a sweet taste.
  • Flavor - E-liquids are available in a sea of flavors, and you can always read more about the different flavor ingredients on the different E-juices. Many of the flavors are 100 percent natural.
  • Nicotine - in some E-liquids there is also added nicotine, but you can choose it yourself.

Choose between E-juices with and without nicotine

If you have never exposed your body to nicotine before, you can fortunately still stay away from it - and still have the opportunity to enjoy the vape. There are in fact many varieties of E-liquids without nicotine.

Would you like nicotine in your E-liquid? Fortunately, you can choose for yourself. You can almost always choose the amount of nicotine you want in your E-juice. In this way, you can completely adjust your E-juice to your E-cigarette, so it suits your needs and your taste. - your E-cigarette retailer

Are you looking for E-cigarettes, E-liquid, batteries or similar for E-cigarettes? At we have one of the best and widest selection, so you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for - and then it is always at a good price.
If you have questions about any of our products or the like, you are always welcome to contact our customer service, which accepts all inquiries with a smile. You can call us on telephone +4657120069, but you are also welcome to send us an e-mail at - we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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