E-liquids with fruity flavors

Fruit is nature's candy, but now it can be your e-cigarette's candy too! We have a large selection of e-liquids that taste of different fruits and fruit mixes! How about an e-juice with a taste of apple and cinnamon? Or one with banana and caramel? Or maybe strawberry attracts you more? You will find these and more flavors in this category!

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American Stars Aramax Fcukin Flava Fruit Freeze Halo Hangsen I VG Liqua Liquideo Norrland Pod Salt T-Juice Twelve Monkeys Vampire Vape Vape Breakfast Classics Xbud
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From €3.99
From €3.99
From €3.99
Aloha - Xbud
From €7.90
Atomic Shake N Vape | Mango Mint | Shortfill
Mango Mint is created with the taste of mango melted with mint.
Berry Mix - Liqua
With a combination of fresh strawberries, ripe cherries, grapes and a biting citrus, Ber...
Crazy Cup - Xbud
From €7.90
Fcukin Flava | Fcukin Munkey | 50 VG
Fcukin Munkey and has a taste of honeydew and hints of chewing gum that gives a cooling ...
Fcukin Flava | Freezy Pineapple | 50 VG
Experience exciting shortfills from Malaysia! Fcukin Flava offers a shortfill taste seri...
Fcukin Flava | Philippines Mango | 50 VG
Philippines Mango is a tasty shortfill from Fcukin Flava that offers a taste of Filipino...
Fcukin Flava | Smashin' Lemonade | 50 VG
Fcukin Flava has managed to produce a wonderful and fresh e-juice in a delicious combina...
Fcukin Flava | Yummay Guava| 50 VG
Fcukin Flava Yummay Guava offers a fruity and sweet and sour taste experience.
Fruit Freeze | Berry Grape | 80 VG
Berry Grape, a cool and fresh combination of berries and grapes with just the right amou...
Fruit Freeze | Mango | 80 VG
Fruit Freeze Mango is created with a tropical flavor with menthol added to it
Halo | Midnight Apple | 30 VG
E-liquid from HALO with a taste of tobacco and Granny Smith apples. The e-liquid comes i...
From €5.90
Halo | Voodoo | 50 VG
Voodoo from Halo has a taste of fruit and cinnamon. The e-liquid comes in a 10ml plastic...
From €5.90
Hangsen Atom | Apple | 30 VG
Apple from Hangsen gives a delicious fruity vape experience with the right taste of appl...
From €3.50
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The taste of delicious exotic fruits for your E-cigarette

If you have previously been a heavy smoker with a large consumption of tobacco, you should choose an E-liquid with a high nicotine content. If you consume less nicotine in the past, you should choose a low nicotine content. No matter how much you have smoked before, we have the right E-liquid for you at Elekcig.com.

If you are still new to E-liquid with a taste of fruit or to e-cigarettes in general, it can all seem a little encouraging. Therefore, we have a short description of each product in our range of E-liquids with fruit flavor that can help you on the way to the right choice of flavor for your E-cigarette experience. Our goal at Elekcig.com is to optimize our customers' experience with e-cigarettes in every way. Therefore, all our E-liquids are of the same high standard as our other products in the web shop.

Only natural ingredients in our E-liquids

In addition to the natural nicotine in our E-liquids, there are also some other substances. Our E-liquids also contain flavorings, which give them the wonderful taste. In addition, they contain glycerol, propylene glycol and plain water. In other words: These are completely ordinary aromas and additives, with which an E-liquid delivers the optimal E-cigarette experience to you. At Elekcig.com, we only carry E-juices that are produced in clinical labs that meet our quality requirements. Your safety as a consumer is in safe hands!

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