Shortfill Menthol E-liquid

Many people appreciate the fresh feeling and taste that menthol gives, and not least together with other flavors. Here in this category with us at you will find shortfill shake & vape with flavor combinations of menthol! For example, you will find menthol together with Piña Colada, tobacco, fruits, berries and many more flavor combinations!

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Atomic Shake N Vape | Evermint Menthol |Shortfill
Halo Atomic Evermint Menthol is an aromatic cool blend of menthol and mint flavor.
Atomic Shake N Vape | Lemon Freeze | Shortfill
Lemon Freeze from Halo gives a refreshing taste of citrus with a cool aftertaste of ment...
Atomic Shake N Vape | Mango Mint | Shortfill
Mango Mint is created with the taste of mango melted with mint.
Blue Menthol ICE - Dinner Lady
Dinner Lady Blue Menthol is a cool mix of fresh berries and menthol flavors.
Fcukin Flava | Freezy Pineapple | 50 VG
Experience exciting shortfills from Malaysia! Fcukin Flava offers a shortfill taste seri...
Fruit Freeze | Berry Grape | 80 VG
Berry Grape, a cool and fresh combination of berries and grapes with just the right amou...
Fruit Freeze | Mango | 80 VG
Fruit Freeze Mango is created with a tropical flavor with menthol added to it
I VG | Kiwi Lemon Kool | 70 VG
This menthol flavor from IVG Menthol will give you a powerful cooling effect with the ta...
I VG | Menthol Rainbow Blast | 70 VG
In this shortfill, IVG has collected fruit in all the colors of the rainbow and put them...
I VG | Spearmint | 70 VG
Spearmint from I VG Liquids has a distinct taste of spearmint, the e-juice is experience...
Lemon Sherbets ICE - Dinner Lady
Dinner Lady - Lemon Sherbets offers the classic taste of lemon sorbet. A lemon explosion...
Norrland | Tobacco Menthol | 50 VG
This flavor is available in a 10ml bottle with a 50VG / 50PG. You can choose between a n...
From €3.90
Royal Seven | Cool & Fresh | 50VG
Cool & Fresh is one of the exciting flavors from Halo's new series Royal Seven. A pe...
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Shortfill with a taste of menthol

Experience a feeling of freshness and coolness with the help of shortfills with a taste of menthol! Some shortfills have a concentrated taste of menthol only, and some have flavor combinations where menthol is one of the flavors! Healthy and cooling shortfill is something many people are looking for, and can be an invigorating taste to vape.

Mix your shortfill with nicotine-free base liquid or nicotine shots to get a finished liquid to vape.

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