Ecig for beginners - starter kit and starter set

Brand new with E-cigarettes? Just started using E-cigarettes? Not quite ready for all the advanced settings and modifications yet? No matter where you are in the process - welcome aboard the vape train! Here under this category you will find all E-cigarette kits that we consider to be easy to use and that are suitable for beginners. Because why make it difficult for yourself? These kits are selected because they are easy to use and understand, all to make it easier for you who want to explore E cigarettes in peace and quiet. The kit works great as a springboard into the world of E cigarettes, and can prepare you for more advanced products that have more setting options.
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Vont Pod Kit is an e-cigarette that is user-friendly and gives you a simple and stylish ...
Eleaf | iStick Trim
iStick Trim is used with a single button and the GSTurbo tank included in the package ha...
Hangsen | eGo-C1+ | Startkit
A newer version of the eGo-CE4 Single E-cigarette kit! This kit has a lot of improvement...
Hangsen | IQ 3S
Hangsen IQ 3S is ae-cigarette discreet e-cigarette. The e-cigarette has no advanced sett...
JoyeTech | eGo Aio 1500mAh | Startkit
Joyetech eGo AIO is an e-cigarette with a liquid capacity of 2ml and is available in sev...
JoyeTech | eGo AIO | Anniversary model
The new anniversary model is available in seven color versions, check it out here.
Vaporesso | PodStick | kit
Vaporesso PodStick is available in the colors black, silver, blue and gold. Vaporesso Po...
Vaptio | Razor | Kit
This pod kit from Vaptio with pre-heat function, 550mAh battery and a pod that produces ...
VEIIK | Airo | Podsystem
AIRO from VEIIK is an open-pod system vape with two rechargeable 2 ml pods and a 360 mAh...
Voopoo | Vinci X Mod Pod Kit
A modern, small mod from Vaporesso with up to 80W power and a handy design.
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