E-liquids with a taste of menthol

Do you like a fresh taste of menthol? Then there are these e-liquids that taste menthol and other unique flavor combinations with menthol! Why not try an e-liquid that tastes like both tobacco and menthol, or menthol and vanilla or menthol and berries? Here you will find a variety of combinations and hopefully you can find your next menthol favorite here with us at Elekcig.com!
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Fcukin Flava Fruit Freeze Halo Hangsen Hangsen Atom I VG Liqua Liquideo Norrland Sundbygaard T-Juice Xbud
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Aloha - Xbud
From €7.90
Atomic Shake N Vape | Evermint Menthol |Shortfill
Halo Atomic Evermint Menthol is an aromatic cool blend of menthol and mint flavor.
Atomic Shake N Vape | Mango Mint | Shortfill
Mango Mint is created with the taste of mango melted with mint.
Fcukin Flava | Freezy Pineapple | 50 VG
Experience exciting shortfills from Malaysia! Fcukin Flava offers a shortfill taste seri...
Fruit Freeze | Berry Grape | 80 VG
Berry Grape, a cool and fresh combination of berries and grapes with just the right amou...
Fruit Freeze | Mango | 80 VG
Fruit Freeze Mango is created with a tropical flavor with menthol added to it
Halo | Kringle's Curse | 70 VG
Halo Kringle's curse has a taste of peppermint and the e-liquid comes in a 10ml plastic ...
Halo | Kringles Curse | 30 VG | Mentol
Kringles Curse from Halo has a fresh taste and is available in several different nicotin...
From €5.90
Halo | Malibu | 30 VG | Sött
Halo Malibu is an e-liquid with a taste of menthol and pina colada. The e-liquid is avai...
From €5.90
Halo | Malibu | 70 VG
Halo Malibu 70VG has a taste of menthol and pina colada. The e-liquid comes in a 10ml pl...
From €5.90
Halo | Menthol Ice | 30 VG | Mentol
Menthol Ice from Halo is an e-liquid with a taste of menthol. The e-liquid is available ...
Halo | Subzero | 30 VG | Mentol
SubZero 30VG from Halo has a taste of menthol. The e-liquid comes in a 10ml plastic bott...
From €5.90
Halo | Subzero | 70 VG
Halo Subzero 70VG has a taste of menthol and comes in a 10ml plastic bottle.
Hangsen Atom | Bubblegum | 30 VG
Delicious fresh taste of green mint gum, just the way you feel it. Bathe your taste buds...
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom | Ice Mint | 30 VG | Mentol
Hangsen Ice Mint has combined the flavors of menthol and mint. A seasoning that the tast...
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom | Menthol Premium Sensation | 30 VG
This is an e-juice that gives you a fresh and strong premium menthol flavor.
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom | Menthol | 30 VG
Hangsen Menthol has a fresh and cooling feeling of menthol mixed with tobacco taste.
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom | Menthol | 50 VG
E-Juice from Hangsen with a taste of menthol and tobacco. Comes in an e-juice blend of 5...
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom | Spearmint | 30 VG
In this e-juice you get the sweet bubble gum taste while a mint taste plays with your ta...
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom | Super Mint | 30 VG
Mint is probably the flavor that is used most often when you want to create a fresh vape...
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom| Menthol | 70VG
This E-liquid has a fresh and cooling feeling of menthol together with tobacco flavor.
From €3.90
I VG | Kiwi Lemon Kool | 70 VG
This menthol flavor from IVG Menthol will give you a powerful cooling effect with the ta...
I VG | Menthol Rainbow Blast | 70 VG
In this shortfill, IVG has collected fruit in all the colors of the rainbow and put them...
IQ Pods 3-Pack Menthol | Hangsen
These pre-filled pods for your Hangsen IQ - e-cigarette have a taste of menthol.
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Fresh flavors of menthol for your E-cigarette

E-liquids with menthol and mint flavors are clearly fresher in taste than traditional tobacco, which can make vaping easier and more airy if you are not so used to it. For example, we stock an E-liquid with a spearmint taste similar to the one you feel from chewing gum. The spearmint taste is really fresh, a wonderful choice. It is also not synthetic in taste, which is a problem that you often have with other types of E-liquids that do not maintain the same quality level as our E-liquids on Elekcig.com. In addition to the traditional menthol flavors, you will also find more exotic flavors. For example, we carry a Mojtio variant in our range. The classic taste of a good Mojito can bring to mind warmer regions and the beach in Southern Europe. One thing that applies to all our menthol varieties is that they are wonderfully healthy in taste and it is a good idea to choose one of these if you do not like heavy tobacco taste but prefer lighter experiences, which can feel a little reassuring.

Choose from our many different variants

It is also a good idea to choose more of our different types of E-liquids from our range, so that you can choose from your E-liquids and enjoy the one you feel most for depending on the mood and situation.

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