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Under this category you will find base fluids and nicotine shots that are used when you want to create your own e-juices or if you want to fill in your shortfill. Because even though there are many ready-made e-juices on the market, it can be fun to mix your own e-juice and have it tailored to your own taste. What is required to create your own e-juice is base liquid and aroma. Aromas are the seasoning itself, and base liquid is the filling itself. What is required for your shortfill is a shortfill flavor in a bottle to mix with base liquid or nicotine. Base liquids are nicotine-free, and if you would like to make your own e-juice with nicotine, you can buy nicotine shots.
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Halo Hangsen Norrland
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Hangsen | Nikotin Shot | 70PG/30VG
10ml nicotine shot with 70PG/30VG content from Hangsen, created with the best ingredient...
From €3.90
Nikotinshot 30PG/70VG - Hangsen
Hangsens Nicotine bases ABSOLUTE NIC. is a 10ml 30PG / 70VG nicotine shot
From €3.90
Nikotinshot 50PG/50VG - Hangsen
Nicotine shot from Hangsen of the highest quality with a ratio 50VG / 50PG.
From €3.90
Nikotinshot 50VG / 50PG 20mg - Fusion
Halo are known for offering a high quality, and this also applies to their latest nicoti...
Norrland | Base 50VG 50PG
Norrland's base liquid is made for making your own e-liquid.
From €3.90
Norrland | Base | 70VG 30PG
Norrland's base liquid is of the highest quality! All bases are laboratory tested, there...
From €3.90
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