E-liquids with a taste of tobacco

Maybe you are craving a vape with tobacco flavor? Then these e-liquids can be something for you! Here you will find a large assortment of e-liquids that contain the taste of tobacco but which can also be found in exciting flavor combinations. For example, we have e-juices that have a mixed flavor with caramel and tobacco, or one with a taste of cakes and tobacco, or one with apple and tobacco… yes, you understand. There are many flavor combinations with tobacco and here you will find them!
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American Stars Halo Hangsen Hangsen Vengers I VG Liqua Liquideo Norrland Pod Salt Sundbygaard T-Juice
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If you're looking for a robust tobacco flavor with a strong, delicious feel, this is the...
4YR - Liquideo
From €4.90
American Blend - Liqua
This flavor is inspired by Classic Virginia Tobacco, which characterizes the original an...
American Stars | Easy Rider | 50VG
Guaranteed the start of a new era of tobacco armament! This e-liquid is available in the...
From €3.90
American Stars | R2Y2 | 50VG
R2Y2 is a sweet tobacco flavor that has a sweet caramel flavor mixed with a hint of vani...
From €3.90
Cowboy - Liquideo
From €4.90
Halo | Freedom Juice | 30 VG | Tobak
Torque56 is the taste of unfiltered tobacco, for those who really want a tobacco e-liqui...
From €5.90
Halo | Midnight Apple | 30 VG
E-liquid from HALO with a taste of tobacco and Granny Smith apples. The e-liquid comes i...
From €5.90
Halo | Torque56 | 30 VG
Halo Torque56 30VG has a taste of tobacco. The e-liquid comes in a 10ml plastic bottle.
From €5.90
Halo | Tribeca | 30 VG | Tobak
Halo Tribeca 30VG has a taste of tobacco, vanilla and caramel. The e-liquid comes in a 1...
From €5.90
Halo | Tribeca | 70 VG
Tribeca from Halo has a taste of tobacco, vanilla and caramel. The e-liquid is available...
Halo | Voodoo | 50 VG
Voodoo from Halo has a taste of fruit and cinnamon. The e-liquid comes in a 10ml plastic...
From €5.90
Hangsen Atom | 30 VG | Tobacco
Hangsen Tobacco is a delicious e-juice that gives a good and clean taste of traditional ...
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom | PR Premium (RY6) | 30 VG
PR Tobacco has a taste of - just as the name reveals - just Scandinavian tobacco.
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom | Red USA | 30 VG
This e-juice has a strong taste of American tobacco!
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom | RY4 | 30 VG
This e-liquid has a tobacco taste combined with notes of soft caramel caramel.
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom | RY4 | 70VG
RY4 E-juice from Hangsen is now finally also available as a 70% VG variant. RY4 offers a...
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom | USA Mix | 30 VG
With this e-juice you get the taste of tobacco from the American brands such as Marlboro!
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom | USA Mix | 70VG
With this e-juice you get the taste of tobacco from the American brands such as. Marlboro!
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom | Virginia Tobacco | 50 VG | Tabak
Distinctive, sweet and mild, that's exactly how one can describe this e-juice with the t...
From €3.50
I VG | Tobacco | Gold | 70 VG
IVG Tobacco - Gold has wonderful shades of just the right cigar tobacco with a rough hin...
I VG | Tobacco | Red | 70 VG
IVG - Tobacco Red has a sweet taste of tobacco, mixed with nuances of fruit taste.
IQ Pods 3-Pack USA MIX | Hangsen
Here is a pod for your Hangsen IQ e-cigarette that is filled with USA-Mix e-juice!
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Authentic tobacco flavor for your E-cigarette

In addition to the high quality, we also carry a wide selection of tobacco at Elekcig.com. You will find tobacco with flavors and aromas of everything from eucalyptus to vanilla to regular tobacco and much, much more. Therefore, it is also popular among many of our customers to explore our vast universe of tobacco and take advantage of the opportunity to try new flavors. However, you can also stick to the known favorite after finding one. We from Elekcig.com recommend that you take a look at our large selection of different tobacco flavors and types. Each product has a short description that will help you find the right one.

Choose how much nicotine you want

For our products, you can also choose how much nicotine the tobacco should contain. Other good information or bonus information is also that because your tobacco would contain a lot of nicotine if you have smoked a lot before and the amount of nicotine would be lower if you have not smoked that much. We also have products completely without nicotine with which you can enjoy only the wonderful taste aromas.

If you are completely new to E-cigarettes, you are always welcome to contact our customer center at Elekcig.com. We can guide you through our universe of tobacco to E-cigarettes and are sure that we can be of help if you have difficulty finding the right tobacco

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