E-liquids with sweet flavors

Sometimes you are craving sweets, and then there are more opportunities than running to the grocery store and buying snacks. With these e-liquids you can carry the sweets with you and get a sugar kick (without the sugar!) Whenever and wherever you want! Here you will find a lot of e-liquids that have a sweet taste!

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American Stars Aramax Dinner Lady Fcukin Flava Halo Hangsen I VG Liqua Liquideo Norrland T-Juice Team120 Twelve Monkeys Vape Breakfast Classics Xbud
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From €3.99
Pancake Man from Vape Breakfast Classics which gives you a really good taste of an Ameri...
4YR - Liquideo
From €4.90
Berry Tart - Dinner Lady
Berry Tart is a dessert flavor that is really tasty from the first flare. It has never b...
Bubble Trouble - Dinner Lady
Dinner Lady - Bubble Trouble comes with the well-known bubblegum flavor, with a hints of...
Bubble Trouble ICE - Dinner Lady
Dinner Lady - Bubble Trouble comes with the well-known bubblegum flavor, which has a fre...
Crazy Cup - Xbud
From €7.90
Fcukin Flava | Fcukin Munkey | 50 VG
Fcukin Munkey and has a taste of honeydew and hints of chewing gum that gives a cooling ...
Fcukin Flava | Philippines Mango | 50 VG
Philippines Mango is a tasty shortfill from Fcukin Flava that offers a taste of Filipino...
Gold Tiger - Xbud
From €7.90
Halo | Belgian Cocoa | 70 VG
Belgian Cocoa 70VG from Halo has a taste of chocolate. The e-liquid comes in a 10ml plas...
From €5.90
Halo | Devlin | 30 VG
Devlin is an E-liquid with a taste of caramel. The e-liquid comes in different nicotine ...
From €5.90
Halo | Devlin | 70 VG
Now Devlin from Halo is also available as a new variant with 70% VG. Devlin has a taste ...
From €5.90
Halo | Malibu | 30 VG | Sött
Halo Malibu is an e-liquid with a taste of menthol and pina colada. The e-liquid is avai...
From €5.90
Halo | Malibu | 70 VG
Halo Malibu 70VG has a taste of menthol and pina colada. The e-liquid comes in a 10ml pl...
From €5.90
Halo | Tribeca | 30 VG | Tobak
Halo Tribeca 30VG has a taste of tobacco, vanilla and caramel. The e-liquid comes in a 1...
From €5.90
Hangsen | Aniseed | Atom 30 VG
Experience a slightly bitter taste of Hangsens Anis E-juice. This E-juice has a licorice...
From €3.50
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E-liquid for your e-cigarette with a taste of sweets

Sweets are many people's Achilles heel, it's so good! Now, however, you can experience your favorite sweets in your vape! With us at Elekcig.com, you will find a large selection of sweet e-liquids that can satisfy your cravings. We have both e-liquids that taste like a specific sweet and e-liquids that have flavor combinations of several sweets in one taste. We believe that there is something for all tastes in our range of e-liquids with us at Elekcig.com!

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