E-liquids with taste of different drinks

Haven't you ever thought that a good drink or coffee would have been good, but not had access to it? With these e-liquids you get the opportunity to feel the taste of fresh drinks wherever you want and whenever you want! For example, can you find e-liquids with cola flavor, coffee, piña colada or why not energy drinks? You will find these and more flavors in this category!

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From €3.99
From €3.99
Halo | Malibu | 30 VG | Sött
Halo Malibu is an e-liquid with a taste of menthol and pina colada. The e-liquid is avai...
From €5.90
Hangsen Atom | Energy | 70 VG
This e-liquid from Hangsen has a taste of energy drink.
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom | Red Cola | 30 VG
This vape e-liquid is reminiscent of the American world-famous soft drink company's cola...
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom | Red Extreme | 30 VG
Do you like the taste of energy drinks, but maybe not really happy with the effects of t...
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom| Red Cola | 70VG
This e-liquid is reminiscent of the American world-famous soft drink company's cola drink.
From €3.90
I VG | Cola Ice | 70 VG
IVG Cola Ice has taken the classic cola taste and taken it to the next level.
I VG | Summer Blaze | 70 VG
This shortfill from IVG has a taste of juicy lemonade of Sicily's exclusive lemons toget...
I VG | Sweets | Cola Bottles | 70 VG
IVG Sweets Cola Bottles has a delicious caramel/cola taste that you feel from the wine g...
Mike’s Wicked | Lemonade | 50VG
Wicked Lemonade from Mike's Wicked gives you a fresh and sour taste of freshly squeezed ...
Mike’s Wicked | Raspberry Lemonade | 50VG
Raspberry Lemonade from Mike's Wicked gives you a fresh and sweet taste of raspberry lem...
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Many different flavors of famous drinks for your E-cigarette

Many Swedes hardly get out of bed in the morning before they have drunk the first cup of hot morning coffee. Why not take that experience a step further? The e-liquid Supreme Kaffe has the same soft and full-bodied taste that you feel from a good cup of coffee. So if you are one of the many coffee lovers in the country and want to enjoy its wonderful taste all day, Supreme Coffee is right for you.

In our range, however, we also have a lot of other flavors. We can, for example, mention our E-liquid with cola flavor! It is said that the best sound in the world is what you hear when you open a can of cola. We are not entirely sure that this is true, but if it is, an E-liquid with cola taste must also be a hit. We are proud that we can offer such an E-liquid with cola taste and it offers an experience you really should try!

Do you need a new flavor?

All in all, this category offers some completely unique and fantastic flavors. We have something for you, whether you just want to spice up your E-cigarette everyday or if you are looking for something for a special occasion. There is certainly an E-liquid here for every E-cigarette need and you can now enjoy exploring.

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