E-liquid with a taste of coffee

This drink is popular with many in the morning. But why just enjoy it for breakfast? Now you can experience the coffee taste in a different form - in vapor form from your e-cigarette! Why not invest in an e-liquid with a taste of coffee that you can enjoy whenever and wherever you want? We have a variety of e-liquids with coffee taste and with flavor combinations that enhance your coffee experience!
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Aramax Halo Hangsen Xbud
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From €3.99
Halo | Café Mocha | 30 VG
Café Mocha 30VG from Halo has a taste of cappuccino, mocha and hazelnuts. The e-liq...
From €5.90
Hangsen Atom | Coffee | 30 VG
With this e-juice you get to experience a rich coffee flavor.
From €3.50
Hangsen Atom | Virginia | 30 VG
Distinctive, sweet and mild, that's exactly how one can describe this e-juice with the t...
From €3.50
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One of the most popular drinks, as a flavor in your E-cigarette

Many Swedes hardly get out of bed in the morning before they have drunk the first cup of hot morning coffee. Why not take that experience a step further? The e-liquid with coffee taste from Hangsen has the same soft and full-bodied taste that you feel from a good cup of coffee. So if you are one of the many coffee lovers in the country and want to enjoy the good taste of coffee all day, Hangsen Kaffe may be right for you.

Perfect flavor to mix

Some people even get tired of their absolute favorite flavors. Mixing E-liquids of different flavors with each other can give the favorite flavor the variety required so that you do not get tired as easily. The taste is, as the classic saying goes, divided. Therefore, one should not hesitate to test oneself. A popular mix is Hangsen Vanilla and Hangsen Kaffe.

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